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At the end of every year, movie fans will take stock of the films they’ve watched throughout the year, looking back fondly on the best moments and the most surprising, and lamenting the lost hours that were sucked away by dross like Movie 43 and Only God Forgives. And then, when the bigger decisions have been made, and the mental awards handed out, inevitably attention turns to the finer details and the nit-picking that every honest movie fan applies as soon as they leave the multiplex.

We’ve already looked at some of the worst plot holes that got into 2013 films, but now attention turns to the more idiotic mistakes that should never have got past directors, editors or anyone else who actually saw the film before it made it into cinemas.

Whether the mistakes are thanks to a lack of intelligence, some scientific ignorance, or just shoddy attention to detail, the instances included in this article are the most frustrating and distracting movie mistakes to make it into the biggest releases of the year. And most annoyingly of all, every single one of them could have been caught if someone behind the scenes had just done their job properly.

Chance would be a fine thing…

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This article was first posted on December 28, 2013