12 Terrible Actors Who've Somehow Made 200 Films

Somewhere there are 12 agents who sold their souls to the Devil.


Doing anything as auspicious as making a film, seeing it released and actually convincing an audience to sit through it should be heralded as one of the pinnacles of human achievement.

Doing it 200 times should basically make you a God. Sadly though, some casting directors only have "availability" and "affordability" pencilled on their clipboards when putting together talents, and when there are actors out there who treat acting like a trade, rather than a calling (i.e. the ones who can't say no to anything) a lot of work gets done by people who are either disinterested or under-qualified or both.

And the fact that they then get work precisely because they've worked so much is deeply saddening. Very few actors have managed to make it past the 75 point for acting credits: most are either consistently great, or used to be and are living on the fumes of past glories, shouting their way through films (Pacino, Jackson) or sleepwalking through them (Willis, De Niro) - but some, bafflingly, are prolific despite being utterly abject.

The following unlikely band of misfits have somehow managed to amass more than 200 acting credits without anyone noticing their severe talent handicap...

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