12 Things You Learn Rewatching The World Is Not Enough

Well, it's not Brosnan's worst.

The World Is Not Enough

Our weekly Bond rewatch series continues with 007's nineteenth entry, 1999's The World Is Not Enough. The third of four Bond films starring Pierce Brosnan, this is generally accepted to be the point at which his tenure as the legendary spy started to circle the drain.

Indeed, it's certainly not a great or particularly memorable effort, though it also doesn't deign to the depths of some of Roger Moore's lesser efforts, thanks to a few cracking action beats and some compelling supporting performances.

It's always going to be an object of ridicule for one particular casting decision, some painful dialogue and the generally jarring nature of its tone, but it's always important to remember one thing: it's definitely better than Die Another Day.

Following on from Goldeneye and Tomorrow Never Dies, though, it unfortunately confirms the long-held opinion that every subsequent Brosnan movie is worse than the one before it. How depressing, and what a waste of the criminally under-appreciated Brosnan...


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