What’s the deal with all the ambiguity in movies, anyway? Real men don’t mess around with the unknown – they demand answers. Facts. Resolutions supported by hard evidence. What’s so good about leaving things up to the imagination? Do we really need that? In the cases of pretty much every movie ever made, then, real men are kind of screwed, given that motion pictures have really got a thing about not explaining every little detail, and occasionally opt to leave things unexplained on purpose, so you can spend the rest of your life pondering the answers.

So although we’re really not supposed to know the answers to questions I’ve assembled for inclusion on the list, all of which were purposely left unresolved in a bunch of famous movies for good reason, we still want to sort of (definitely) know the answers, because that’s the point, right? Why were they left up to the imagination if weren’t supposed to want to know? To hell with artistic integrity! There’s far too much ambiguity in the universe already! Just tell us the answers to these nice little questions and we can all get on with our lives once and for all, movies. Thank you.

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This article was first posted on August 8, 2013