12 Upcoming Movies That Are Already Doomed (And Why)

12. Mowgli: Legend Of The Jungle

Mowgli Legend Of The Jungle

Release Date: December 7

Why It's Doomed: Andy Serkis' long-delayed Mowgli origin story is simply a movie nobody really wants or "needs."

Misguidedly nudged into production after Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book was already shot, the film began shooting over three years ago and has been repeatedly delayed in order to distance itself from Favreau's 2016 smash hit.

In order to avoid themselves an inevitable box office embarrassment, Warner Bros. sensibly sold the distribution rights to Netflix earlier this year.

Given Mowgli's evidently gigantic budget and the general lack of audience interest, though, it's likely more a loss-cutting measure than one that actually generates profit.

The trailers released so far look..fine? It seems competent but fairly uninteresting, and considering how terrible Netflix is at promoting their movies, it's safe to say that Mowgli looks destined to get lost in the streaming shuffle regardless of whether it's actually any good or not.

This thing's sure to be forgotten before the year's even over, if people even bother to check it out at all.


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