12 Upcoming Movies That Have Ignored Massive Mistakes

Alita is doomed.

X Men 7 Dark Phoenix

Filmmaking is an incredibly fickle business, and releasing a movie both critically acclaimed and financially successful requires an uneasy mix of talent, luck, good timing and strong marketing. If any one of these things is off, it can result in a movie failing spectacularly one way or another.

Often, though, movies seem so fundamentally misguided that it's easy to spot a dud coming a mile off, and in the case of these 12 upcoming movies, the road to their release feels like we're watching a slow-motion car crash.

For a plethora of reasons, be it awful marketing, churning out a sequel unnecessarily or simply making a movie nobody actually asked for, these films have already doomed themselves to bombing with either critics or audiences, if not both.

Sure, there could be a miracle or two among the bunch, but given how the cinematic graveyard is littered with far more failures than it is surprise successes, the smart money says most of these projects won't connect with audiences at large...

12. Making A Reboot Nobody Asked For - Robin Hood

Robin Hood Taron Egerton
Summit Entertainment

The Lesson: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

The trailer for the upcoming Taron Egerton-starring Robin Hood reboot immediately invites comparisons to Guy Ritchie's critically and commercially savaged - but honestly pretty decent - King Arthur reboot from last year.

Similarly, this looks like an attempt to reinvent a stodgy, well-worn story with slick visuals, a young, charming lead actor and a high-calibre supporting cast (Jamie Foxx and Ben Mendelsohn).

That's all well and good, except nobody asked for this, and as a result that first trailer just screams "box office bomb". The general indifference to Ridley Scott's 2010 Robin Hood movie - much like the 2004 Clive Owen-starring King Arthur - is proof enough that audiences just don't care about seeing this property updated.

Regardless of whether it's actually decent or not - though that trailer suggests probably not - this seems like nothing more than a half-baked attempt to build yet another cinematic universe, and one that's almost definitely going to fail spectacularly.


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