12 Worst Movie Performances Of 2018 (So Far)

Get those Razzies ready.

Death Wish Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Fifty Shades Freed
Universal & MGM

2018 is already half-way done, and while it generally hasn't been a milestone year for movies - yet, at least - there have nevertheless been a ton of great performances well worthy of your attention.

And then there have been those performances that, for want of a better phrase, absolutely sucked.

These 12 performances represent the most effortless, lazy, phoned-in, irritating, misguided and poorly thought-out acting in major Hollywood movies this year (so far).

Some of the performances simply left audiences sad that talented actors were wasting their talents on cynical schlock, while other turns felt genuinely ill-conceived from a casting standpoint, or in the case of a certain child performance in a certain blockbuster earlier this year, showed a director fatally out of their depth.

There are sure to be many more awful performances over the next six months, but as it stands right now, these are the laughably bad and headache-inducingly boring, Razzie-worthy performances to "beat"...


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