13 2018 Movies That Are Destined To Disappoint You

11. The 15:17 To Paris

The 15 17 To Paris
Warner Bros.

Release Date: February 9

As intriguing as a Clint Eastwood-directed movie based on the 2015 Thalys train attack seems on paper, there are a number of red flags that immediately raise suspicion.

For starters, Eastwood reportedly fast-tracked the film into production in the summer of 2017 while aiming for a late-2017 awards release, but for reasons unknown, he didn't make it. Is this because Eastwood, who shoots notoriously fast, couldn't get the film done in time, or did Warner Bros. simply realise the film wasn't awards-calibre and pushed it back?

On top of this, the film's central gimmick, where the three American men who stopped the attack will in fact be playing themselves, has the potential to backfire horrendously depending on how capable they are as actors.

And finally, Clint Eastwood's such an inconsistent filmmaker these days that the worthiness of the material has little bearing on its eventual quality. His last truly great film was Letters from Iwo Jima back in 2006, so expecting anything above decent is most certainly a mistake.


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