13 Actors' Favourite Movies You'd Never Expect

Christian Bale loves Chris Farley. Who knew?

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As film fans, it's always interesting to hear about actors' favourite movies, given their unique perspective on the craft, and the added glimpse into their personality that it provides us.

Often actors won't surprise us: Robert De Niro loves Marlon Brando movies, and Gary Oldman loves the works of Francis Ford Coppola, but every now and then, an actor confesses to their favourite movie being wholly divorced from what you'd expect.

Now, in part, this shock is our own fault as an audience, judging an actor's real life tastes on the roles they play, when of course, acting is a job above all else. Even so, it's hard not to find it a tad jarring when super-serious actors cite critically-panned "comedies" as their best-loved films ever, and comedy performers admit to enjoying a sprinkle of grimness every now and then.

Here are 13 actors' favourite movies you'd never expect...

13. Gone With The Wind - Vin Diesel

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The Movie: The iconic 1939 historical romantic epic starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, winner of ten Oscars including Best Picture and Best Director.

Why You'd Never Expect it: Because Vin Diesel strikes most people as the kinda guy who probably loves his action movies and not a whole lot else.

Amid his Fast and Furious films, it's easy to forget that he starred in a Sidney Lumet movie (2006's Find Me Guilty) and has aspirations to directing, too.

What He Says: "I love Clark Gable epics, but there is something more about this one. If you think about it. Gone With the Wind really is the first action movie...This was also shot way before the days of computer-generated effects. You can still watch the burning of Atlanta today and marvel at the technical brilliance of this film.

I love an epic that's laced with love. Has there ever been a better big-screen love story? I have to tell you that I was so in love with Vivien Leigh. She was so beautiful. So perfect. That delicate little face. Gorgeous."


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