13 Awesome Movie Sequel Pitches That Were Stupidly Scrapped

You know you want them.

MIB 23

So many movies make it to cinema screens that will have you asking, "Who greenlit this crap?"

Every movie you see in cinemas has been pitched, written and passed through the production conveyor-belt by a fleet of money-hungry executives, and when a real dud makes it through, you have to wonder what those in power were thinking or smoking.

In the case of these 13 potential movie sequels, however, they actually sound like a ton of fun. They were all pitched in some form but sadly never got off the ground due to a multitude of reasons, be it budget, cast availability or the mere lack of fickle studio interest.

Is it possible that some of these films might just get made in the future? Sure, but it's not looking terribly likely for the majority, especially as the creative forces behind them have in many cases already moved onto other projects.

Studios have robbed fans of some potentially incredible sequels here, from follow-ups to effects-heavy cult classics, to showdowns between classic genre movie icons, and new movies so mind-bogglingly weird and creative they should've been given the go-ahead for sheer curiosity's sake...


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