13 Iconic Movie Characters Who Were Supposed To Die (But Didn't)

13. Ripley - Alien

Alien Ripley

The Original Plan

As is somewhat notorious now, the original planned ending of Alien was going to be a lot darker and a lot more ridiculous than the one we ended up getting.

Not only would iconic hero Ripley have been killed off in her final battle with the Xenomorph (with her head bitten off for full effect), but the same alien would then have copied her voice to record an entry in the Nostromo's log, for some reason.

What Happened Instead?

Mercifully, the producers thought that plan was just too dark (ignoring the fact that it was also just too stupid), so the Xenomorphs' victory was switched around and Ripley survived to fight another day.

Ironically - given the fact that she was preserved to stop the film from being too grim - she then went on to far darker things in one excellent sequel, one great one and an abomination.

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