13 Massive Movie Predictions For The Rest Of 2018

Robin Hood is dead on arrival.

Robin Hood Taron Egerton

One of the most exciting things about Hollywood is just how unpredictable it can be. A great movie can come totally out of nowhere amid low expectations, and sometimes an expected hit will crash and burn spectacularly.

While marketing and basic common sense often make it easy to predict how a movie will eventually turn out, the past is littered with examples of movies that managed to subvert expectations both critical and commercial.

These predictions for the rest of 2018's cinematic slate - some of them bold left-field stabs in the dark and others more studied guesses - paint the year's second-half as jam-packed with both catastrophic failures and chest-thumping hits.

What will be the biggest dud of the year? What will emerge as the Oscar front-runner? Which upcoming release will end up suddenly dumped to Netflix? And who will win the Christmas box office battlefield?

Along with a few plot predictions for some of the year's most anticipated sequels, these are the fates that just might await some of the biggest and most talked-about movies due for release over the next six months...


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