13 Most Controversial Movie Moments Of 2017

2. Jennifer Lawrence's Baby Gets Eaten - Mother!

Mother Ending
Paramount Pictures

The Moment: At the end of the movie, Him (Javier Bardem) waits for his wife Mother (Jennifer Lawrence) to fall asleep before taking their newborn son from her arms and passing him around to the crowd of idolaters waiting in the house.

The crowd gets overly excited, causing the baby to urinate all over them in fear, before the baby's neck ends up snapped by the careless rabble.

It gets even worse, though: Mother wakes up and runs into the room to find the crowd having devoured her baby, with nothing but its bloody carcass left behind.

Why It's Controversial: How many movies starring A-list actors feature newborn babies being killed and eaten? There's a reason that answer is almost zero, and naturally Darren Aronofsky's shocking finale left as many audiences shocked and disgusted as entertained and intrigued.

Some criticised Aronofsky for his perceived indulgence in "shock value", while others praised him for daring to cross the line and make people re-evaluate where their own visceral limits lie.


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