13 Most Controversial Movie Moments Of 2017

Shaw deserved better.

Prometheus Elizabeth Shaw Noomi Rapace

2017 has been a year full of cinematic moments weird, wonderful and unconscionably awful, but at a time where Hollywood is being scrutinised more closely than ever before for the messages it sends to audiences, it's totally unsurprising that the year has been rife with controversy.

Politics and representation matter in cinema regardless of your own engagement with them, and these 13 movies certainly got their share of viewers enraged, frustrated, shocked and even downright appalled with what they served up.

Now, not all of these controversies relate to social causes, and some were simply frustrating, illogical or unpleasant creative decisions that left audiences debating whether it was ultimately all worth it.

Above all else, all 13 of these movie moments sparked fervent debate among viewers, some who couldn't care any less about what they saw, while others were shocked and disgusted to their core. We all have our triggers and our lines of tolerance, and it's likely that one or two of these moments at least raised your eyebrows, if not outright pushed your buttons...


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