13 Most Overrated Movies Of 2018

Ready Player One does NOT hold up.

Ready Player One
Warner Bros.

Opinions are like you know what - we all have them and use them, and some people even get paid to give them about movies in a professional capacity.

Sites like Rotten Tomatoes are useful for aggregating critical opinion and gauging the overall sentiment towards a film from the press, even though that consensus doesn't always vibe with what general audiences are thinking.

Hype can be a dangerous thing when it comes to movies, bloating expectations out to an unreasonable degree such that when a film finally releases to the public, it proves shockingly underwhelming. So in each case, temper your expectations before watching these 2018 films, because they prove beyond any doubt that the critical aggregator sure ain't gospel...

13. Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet

Rotten Tomatoes Score: 88% (7.3/10 average score)

If you believed most of the reviews, Wreck-it Ralph 2 was just a hair shy of its predecessor's brilliance, despite the actuality that it felt like a decidedly more generic and formula-driven sequel.

Stripping away the video game focus of the first movie in favour of a more broad and simplistic exploration of the Internet, Ralph Breaks the Internet is a movie that came at least a few years too late with a script written by someone possessing only the most superficial understanding of modern technology.

It's not a bad film by any means, just a disappointingly workmanlike sequel that can't help but feel a bit cynical and pandering, especially with all the relentless Disney shilling (though the princesses scene was great).

If the first movie had a real vision generated from a creative spark, this sequel felt more like a product.


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