13 Most Ridiculous DCEU Controversies (So Far)

Remember the Batfleck hysteria?

Batman Ben Affleck
Warner Bros.

We live in an age where Hollywood blockbusters get more headlines and social media posts than global politics and major world events. As such, by the time just about any tentpole movie hits cinemas, it's generally already been scrutinised to death by both fans and haters alike.

This is especially true of the superhero genre, and specifically the DC Extended Universe, which has suffered through more than its share of troubles since it all kicked off.

While many fan complaints are somewhat well-founded, such as Man of Steel's excessive collateral damage, Jesse Eisenberg's casting as Lex Luthor and Batman killing people in Batman v Superman, the majority of the controversies are, well, a whole load of nothing.

Either asinine proof of fandom run amok or the mere fact that a movie can't simply be a movie anymore, these 13 DCEU controversies just might make you want to take a break from online film discussions for a while...

13. DCEU Fans Vs. Rotten Tomatoes

Batman V Superman Rotten Tomatoes

After both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad received Rotten Tomatoes percentage scores in the mid-to-late 20s, enraged DC fans hilariously created a petition to shut the review aggregator down, claiming that the site's reviews were biased towards Marvel Studios, whose Marvel Cinematic Universe has yet to feature a critically rotten movie.

Of course, what the petition's 22,000+ signatories failed to realise is that Warner Bros. acquired Rotten Tomatoes back in 2011, so if anything, one would expect the site to be biased in the opposite direction.

Plus, Rotten Tomatoes does not collect reviews themselves, but rather critics must add their own reviews and provide their own fresh or rotten ratings: the website does not determine any of this.

Naturally, the petition was summarily laughed down and quickly forgotten about, but it just goes to show how petty rabid fans can get, rather than admit that their beloved movies just aren't very good.


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