13 Movies You Didn't Know Were Responsible For Weird Cinematic Milestones

1. Catch-22 Was The First American Picture To Show Somebody On The Toilet

Catch 22 toilet

So we've already covered flushing toilets - in far more detail than probably necessary - so we might as well get to the question that presumably everyone who has made it this far down the list is asking: what was the first movie to depict somebody actually using a toilet? Like, for its intended purpose? That honor goes to Mike Nichols' 1970 adaptation of Catch-22, which became the first American flick to feature a shot of somebody sitting on a toilet doing their business.

The man who got to take the immortal dump? Martin Balsam, who is interrupted whilst emptying his bowels by - who'd have imagined? - a character played by Anthony Perkins. A neat coincidence, you'll agree, given that both Perkins and Balsam featured in Psycho, the very movie which caused shock and awe with its toilet flushing escapades ten years previously.

We wonder if these guys know just much progress they've made for toilets in the cinema?

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