13 Terrible Looking 2018 Movies That Will Shockingly Make A Profit

Hollywood slop at its most cynical.

Truth Or Dare

For every Black Panther-sized success that blesses our cinema screens, there are literally dozens of lazy, cynical Hollywood productions churned out for easy profit with little regard for quality.

Filmmaking is primarily a business, after all, but would it kill studios and directors to put just a little more effort in than this?

These 13 movies represent the most tediously cookie-cutter, shamelessly audience-baiting movies due for release in 2018, and the worst thing of all? They're more likely than not going to be financially successful.

Meticulously curated to appeal to lowest-common denominator audiences who just want something, anything to watch on a weekend date night, these films will serve that demand just fine, and quickly evaporate from everyone's minds in a sure flash.

Maybe one or two of these movies might surprise us quality-wise or get their just desserts by unexpectedly cratering at the box office, but the safest bet in each case is atrocious reviews and a healthy return-on-investment...


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