13 Terrible Looking 2018 Movies That Will Shockingly Make A Profit

13. I Feel Pretty

Amy Schumer I Feel Pretty

Release Date: April 27

Amy Schumer's upcoming comedy is about an ordinary woman who, following a traumatic head injury, comes to believe she's the most beautiful woman in the world. Hilarity ensues. Apparently.

The marketing for I Feel Pretty makes it look, in a word, atrocious, and while it's clearly trying to deliver an empowering message for women, one suspects it'll backfire spectacularly with Schumer at the helm and the whole tone-deaf head injury angle.

Quite how Schumer managed to land Michelle Williams a supporting role is anyone's guess, and in spite of the comedienne's prior critical success with Trainwreck, this looks like a dud that'll nevertheless turn an easy, solid profit.

Predicted Box Office: $90 million. Not a runaway hit, but given the evidently small budget a decent success all the same.


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