13 Things You Learn Re-Watching Jurassic World

13. It's Got The Right Level Of Fan Service


For all the film's flaws, it's safe to say it's a nostalgia-fest done right.

There are callbacks to the original film, but not too many, which is what The Force Awakens (a superior film to this, but an undeniable nostalgia-fest) did to somewhat grating effect.

The callbacks such as the presence of Dr Henry Wu and the discovery of the original Jurassic Park center are very effective because they're used sparingly and the film is able to pay homage to the original while also standing on its own.

The film also does a wonderful job of recreating the child-like wonder the original made everyone feel. The park is captured with a real sense of awe and, much like the first dinosaur sighting in the original, the entrance into the park is a moment that will induce goosebumps.

For fans of the original, this will be an emotional and nostalgic experience regardless of how they feel about the rest of the film.


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