13 Things You Learn Rewatching The Dark Knight

10 years on, is it still the king of the superhero genre?

The Dark Knight
Warner Bros.

Happy birthday, The Dark Knight! Christopher Nolan's unforgettable and iconic Batman sequel turned 10 years old this week, so after you've spent some time moping about how old you now feel, why not revisit the magnificent superhero classic?

Since 2008, the world has clearly changed a lot, the superhero movie landscape is radically different and we as people are all in different places. To that end, it's always interesting to rewatch beloved movies and see how well they stand the test of time, both as technical pieces of filmmaking and within the present social climate.

Unsurprisingly, The Dark Knight holds up incredibly well a decade on as an astonishingly well-crafted, bravura piece of filmmaking. The flaws are more obvious now we're so far removed from the honeymoon period, sure, but the film remains a standout tentpole movie that was tremendously influential on both superhero films and blockbusters as a whole.

Not everything in it has aged superbly, but rewatching the movie today nevertheless reveals some things you probably didn't notice previously, and most crucially confirms the film's status as a stone cold masterpiece...


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