13 Unexpected Actors Who Might Win Oscars In 2020

Can Eggsy pull a Rami Malek?

Taron Egerton Rocketman Lightened
Paramount Pictures

One of the best and worst things about the Academy Awards is just how damn unpredictable they can be.

Take this year's ceremony, for instance. Who would've guessed a year ago that Rami Malek would walk away with the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, beating Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Willem Dafoe and Viggo Mortensen?

Similarly, would anyone have bet the house on Olivia Colman winning Best Actress over widely-expected career Oscar recipient Glenn Close?

Though these shock Oscar wins miffed some viewers, they did generate additional excitement in an annual ceremony that can often seem so stale, stuffy and predictable.

And because it's never too early to look forward to 2020's ceremony, the field is already wide open for some surprise candidates to storm the field and take home a gold statue totally out of nowhere.

From superhero swan songs to renditions of real-life musicians, historical tyrants and even serial killers, there are a number of daring, envelope-pushing roles in the mix this year which could end up triumphing over some more typically awards-friendly A-listers (looking at you, Tom Hanks)...


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