13 Worst Movie Sequel Titles Ever

13. The Final Destination

The Final Destination
New Line Cinema

The Final Destination franchise hasn't ever been known for its imaginative titling, with all but one of the five movies following a simple numerical title convention.

With 2009's fourth film originally intended to be the final entry into the hit horror series, however, New Line opted to name it The Final Destination, an astoundingly lazy title that at least sold the movie's apparent finality.

But the name was undeniably rendered retroactively laughable with the 2011 release of Final Destination 5 - which was itself almost named "5nal Destination", seriously - making all that "one last ride" nonsense nothing more than mere marketing spiel.

It didn't help that calling it The Final Destination also tacitly implied it was going to be the movie to top them all, when it ironically turned out by far the worst of the five movies. Oops.

As boring as it would've been, Final Destination 4 at least wouldn't have had people actively laughing at the film.


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