14 Announced Movies That Thankfully Got Cancelled

12. Sex & The City 3

Sex And The City 2
New Line Cinema

The Movie: Though 2010's Sex and the City 2 wasn't a stonking box office success on the level of the first film, it still tripled its $95 million budget, doing more than enough business to maintain interest in a third film.

By late last year, a script for SATC 3 had been studio-approved with the main cast all locked down to appear, but nothing more than that was ever divulged.

Why It Got Cancelled: Last month, Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed, "It's over, we're not doing it", while other reports claimed that Kim Cattrall's excessive demands (presumably monetary) prevented the film from moving ahead. Cattrall denied the reports, though stated that she never wanted a third film to go ahead.

Considering how absolutely wretched the 146-minute second movie was, and how much flak it received for being flagrantly racist, it's safe to say that many fans promptly lost interest in another go-around anyway. Phew.


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