14 Announced Movies That Thankfully Got Cancelled

6. Gump & Co.

Forrest Gump Ice Cream
Paramount Pictures

The Movie: The year after Forrest Gump hit cinemas, author Winston Groom released a sequel novel, Gump and Co., which by 2001 had been adapted into a script by the original film's Oscar-winning screenwriter, Eric Roth.

The acclaimed novel sees Gump starting anew after his shrimp business goes under, taking him on another picaresque adventure where he ends up helping capture Saddam Hussein, and the film version had been revised to also include him meeting Princes Diana, Tom Hanks and ending up in the back of O.J. Simpson's white Bronco during that iconic police chase.

Why It Got Cancelled: Post 9/11, Roth and director Robert Zemeckis decided that the story was no longer relevant and shelved the film, even though Paramount did briefly express interest once again in 2007.

Considering how much of a classic the original film is, and how easily a sequel could undermine it, especially with how hard Roth was going to lean into referencing pop-culture, it's ultimately better that this never happened.


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