14 Most Divisive Movies Since 2000

The most hotly debated movies from the past decade and a half.

There's people out there who don't like The Godfather. Seriously - on IMDb a whopping 30,000 people have rated the film a lowly one star. Sure, that may be a hyperbolic reaction to the film's reputation, but there's still people in there who think it's on a similar level to Birdemic: Shock And Awe, with some writing lengthy dissections of why it's "completely un-redeeming in any way". There's never going to be a unanimous opinion on any film; each person has their own set of loves and hates that dictate their individual tastes. And yet we let sites like RottenTomatoes and Metacritic, which condense complex opinions down into one easily digestible number, dictate the popular consensus. It helps make sense of the multiple films released each week, but isn't it making things a little too simple? While those who despise The Godfather are most certainly in the minority, things aren't always so black and white. There's plenty of movies that, for whatever reason, split opinion to a polarising effect, causing endless debate over whether they're actually any good. Here's a run down of the fourteen most divisive films of the 21st century.

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