14 Movie Posters And DVD Covers That Blatantly Lied To You

14. Escape From New York

AVCO Embassy Pictures

The Escape From New York artwork is so iconic that other movies like Cloverfield were clearly inspired by it. On the poster, you can see the head of the Statue of Liberty destroyed and towering over the characters as they run away in fear. What a cool image to sell a movie on, huh?

Unfortunately, nothing like this ever happens in the film.

In the actual movie, the Statue of Liberty only appears one single time, and it’s very much not destroyed: the film simply shows a regular shot of the real Statue of Liberty and then never mentions it again. Not only that, but nothing approaching this level of destruction ever occurs.

Though the film is about New York City being turned into a maximum-security prison, it’s not like the city is in ruins or anything as the promotional image suggests. The poster clearly implies this massive action epic that will be full of explosions to topple buildings, but in reality, the movie is much smaller in scale.

At least Cloverfield - which put a very similar image on the poster - actually did feature the Statue of Liberty prominently, and the head really was removed that time. It only took 30 years for someone to make this poster a reality.


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