14 Upcoming Movie Remakes That Might Not Actually Suck

Not all remakes are created equal.

It Pennywise
Warner Bros.

There's no getting around the hard truth that Hollywood is in a major creative funk, with more sequels, remakes, reboots and "reimaginings" getting the greenlight than ever before, while truly original projects are rather hard to come by, especially in the blockbuster arena.

These 14 movies are all in various stages of being remade, be it a lengthy pre-production process or having actually already been filmed, but each provides significant promise to audiences that they won't simply be rote, cynical remakes attempting to milk the cash cow for another round.

While that is really the ultimate goal here, these remakes at least make a modicum of sense, either because the original movie didn't quite hit the mark, or the filmmakers have simply found a novel hook for a second go-around.

There's obviously no guarantee that these remakes will truly deliver on their promises, but they've certainly got a ton of potential, and seem divorced from Hollywood's general, desperate desire to dine out on its previous successes without actually trying to make them better...


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