14 Upcoming Movies That Will Probably Waste Awesome Actors

Venom squanders a God-tier cast.

Tom Hardy Venom

Isn't it infuriating when a movie is sensible enough to hire talented actors to fill out its cast, but can't furnish them with a script or director worthy of their talents?

It happens all the time, of course, and while actors may take a blatant paycheck role to cover their smaller, riskier projects, they often clearly sign up for these tentpole films with the very best of intentions.

In the case of these 14 actors, regardless of whether they're taking a shameless payday or not, each is sure to leave their awards-worthy talents at the door for these upcoming films.

Destined to be wasted in nothing roles not befitting their skills, these actors will likely be left wrestling against slack writing every step of the way.

It'd be fantastic to be surprised, but Hollywood being what it is, it's certainly sensible for fans to keep their expectations low, no matter how much you love the actors in question...

14. Jessica Chastain - Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix Jessica Chastain

The Role: A "mysterious shapeshifter" who manipulates the Phoenix (Sophie Turner) into doing her bidding. Though Jessica Chastain was originally reported to be playing alien empress Lilandra, Fox has since confirmed the character's name to be merely "Smith".

Chastain is one of the finest actors of her generation, with two Oscar nominations to her name (The Help, Zero Dark Thirty), and it's just a matter of time before she finally wins the gong outright.

Any blockbuster franchise would be lucky to have her, but much like Oscar Isaac's underwhelming portrayal of Apocalypse in the previous mainline X-Men movie, everything we've heard about Dark Phoenix so far suggests it's a project in trouble.

Fingers crossed that Chastain at least gets to do some fun scenery-chewing, but it's probably best to expect, well, nothing.


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