15 Actors Who Almost Played MCU Characters

So close.

Iron Man 3 Clive Owen
Marvel Studios

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe being the highest-grossing movie franchise in cinema history, it's little surprise that just about everyone in town wants to get in on the action, and as such the casting for any new Marvel Studios enterprise is a fiercely contested, much buzzed-about process.

Whenever a major new superhero (or supervillain) is being readied to join the MCU, a fleet of name actors will throw their hats into the ring, with several getting close as the final decision is agonised over, but of course, the part can eventually only go to one.

While it's hard to imagine other actors playing the likes of Iron Man, Drax, Loki and countless others considering the marks they've left on this universe and audiences worldwide, these 15 actors came close (some incredibly close, in fact).

Just imagine how differently the MCU could've turned out with these almost-cast actors at the forefront, both for better and for worse...


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