15 Awesome Death Scenes In Otherwise Terrible Movies

The only reason you remember these films.

Ghost Ship
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Though a single death scene typically can't redeem an otherwise awful movie, it can ensure that the film is at least remembered for something, rather than quickly fading into the cinematic abyss.

These 15 movies feature death scenes so terrific, either because they're delightfully absurd, gloriously gory or simply immensely creative, that they're pretty much the sole reason anyone bothers to discuss them anymore.

They're the scenes that made bored and despondent audiences briefly perk up, shocked at the awesomeness they'd just witnessed, which clearly belonged in a significantly better film.

Evidently in these cases, the creative minds were far more interested in rustling up unforgettable cinematic demises rather than characters and plots that were actually worth a damn in any traditional sense.

Granted, none of these movies are worth watching solely for these single scenes, but thanks to the marvel that is YouTube, the deaths have been carefully snipped for your viewing pleasure...

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