15 Awesome Films Since 2000 You'll Never Watch Again

Even getting through these movies once is hard enough.

Fox Searchlight

Everyone loves to re-watch their favorite movies over and over again. Come to think of it, there's probably at least one film where you know almost the entire script off by heart. We re-watch films to explore new meanings and relieve the joys of previous viewings, but while most films will at the very least warrant a second viewing, there are quite a few that will never be viewed again by most viewers. That's not a bad thing though; far from it.

A film being too intense and upsetting to watch again is testament to its overall artistic quality as well as a sign that it has really hit its audience hard. Such films are also notable because, while other films may require several viewings to get the best experience, these movies only need one viewing to permanently sear themselves into the viewers' consciousness. Sad and un-entertaining movies are often pretty great and the 21st century has offered up many such movies.

Prior to 2000, we have films such as Grave of the Fireflies, The Elephant Man, Come and See, Audition, Sophie's Choice among many others that are incredibly difficult to re-watch. Which films since 2000 join those ranks?

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