15 Best Comic Book Movie Moments Of 2017

2. No Man's Land - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman delivered by far one of the most iconic and unforgettable scenes from any recent superhero movie when Diana ventured into the Western Front's No Man's Land and unveiled her Wonder Woman costume for the first time.

Diana decides to do what a regular person cannot and cut through the German offensive all the way to the besieged city of Veld, using her bracelets to deflect enemy fire and her shield to safely explode German bombs, giving Steve Trevor and his comrades an easy passage through the trenches.

That's not the end of it, though: at Veld, Diana clears out several rooms of German soldiers in stunningly efficient fashion, makes trusty use of her lasso and finally slaughters a sniper in hilariously over-the-top fashion with her shield.

Though it's fair to say there's probably too much slow-motion throughout the sequence, for the most part it's everything fans wanted out of a showy Wonder Woman action scene, realising her graceful, bada** power.


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