15 Best Comic Book Movie Moments Of 2017

14. Superman Returns - Justice League

Justice League Superman Poster
Warner Bros

Justice League may have been a crushing disappointment in many respects, but it did serve up one sure-fire, fist-pumping moment of pure fan service during its finale, when Superman finally returned in his iconic suit to help destroy Steppenwolf.

As the villain appears to get the better of the League, he tells them, "They're all too weak to see the truth", at which point the Man of Steel's voice is heard declaring, "Well, I believe in truth...", before appearing on-screen and adding, "...but I'm also a big fan of justice."

Superman not only uses his freeze-breath to ruin Steppenwolf, but also gets to have a little fun exchange with Batman ("Well, I knew you didn't bring me back because you liked me") and even benchpress a freaking apartment block like it's nothing, much to The Flash's surprised embarrassment.

Considering how insistent fans were that turning Superman into a mopey bore wasn't appropriate for the character, what a relief it was to see him finally smiling and serving as the beacon of hope these movies have insisted he is for so long.

Justice League wasn't very good, but at least there's some hope for Man of Steel 2 now, especially if Zack Snyder's nowhere near it.


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