15 Best Comic Book Movie Moments Of 2017

13. Killer Croc Did Something - The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie Killer Croc
Warner Bros.

The Lego Batman movie opens with The Joker trying to destroy Gotham City with, as he puts it, "an unnecessarily complicated bomb", at which point we briefly see Killer Croc helping to plant the bomb and arm it.

After the bomb is set, Croc proudly declares, "I did something!", which seems to be an hilariously barbed reference to the character's rather lacklustre, forgettable role in last year's Suicide Squad.

While some have argued that it's actually a much broader reference to Croc being a fairly one-note villain, due to The Lego Batman Movie being in production long before Suicide Squad came out, the gag still works either way, regardless of the original creative intent.

Warner Bros. (accidentally?) ragging on their own bad superhero movies? Whatever next?


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