15 Best Hidden Gem Movies Of 2017

Singing the praises of the unsung underdogs of film in 2017.

IFC Midnight

With so many amazing must-see movies to tick off the collective film bucket list in 2017 from Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, which somehow beat the female-fronted superhero movie curse to Jordan Peele’s smash hit socially conscious horror Get Out, it’s not surprising a few movies more than worth our while flew under our radar. That's just the nature of multi-blockbuster-releasing weeks.

It’s understandable: Wonder Woman and Get Out are both brilliant films. But while they and other big movies released in 2017 were backed by a tonne of hype and strong word of mouth, they kind of overshadowed a lot of films and took our attention away from some other worthy contenders.

Luckily, with less movies typically coming out in the early months of the year - or at least less good ones - this is always the best time of year to look back at the ones we all missed.

And though it might have taken them time to find an audience, if film fans can be turned on to these under-appreciated gems, then all is well in the world.

You’re welcome in advance.


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