15 Best Horror Movies Of 2017

1. Mother!

Jennifer Lawrence Mother!
Paramount Pictures

After taking a few years off following his foray into the world of big-budget filmmaking, Darren Aronofsky returned this year with the obtuse and divisive Mother!

Spending the bulk of the movie wringing anxiety out of uncomfortable social situations (Aronofsky understands that true horror is getting up the nerve to ask someone to leave after they've overstayed their welcome), the dreamlike film descends into nightmare territory when the true nature of the relationship between Jennifer Lawrence's Mother and Javier Bardem's Him is revealed.

That doesn't really do it justice though, and to put it bluntly: Mother! goes completely batshit in its final twenty minutes. Bombarding viewers with an unrelenting assault of ridiculously violent images that culminate in one gut-wrenching moment of brutality that I still can't believe made it into the final film, what starts out as a slow-burn psychological thriller eventually flies completely off the rails.

This anarchy is justified though, and despite how uncomfortable it is, invites a rewatch so you can unpack every juicy little thing Aronosfky's abrasive movie has to say.

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