15 Best Netflix Original Movies You Probably Missed

You've got no excuse to miss these gems.

Small Crimes

Netflix is truly starting to take over the world, evidenced no better than by the recent uptick in the number of Netflix Original movies released each month.

The streaming platform is quietly assembling a library of high-quality feature films and documentaries for punters to stream at the click of a button, and while they're still a world away from releasing $150 million blockbusters day-and-date, it's certainly an encouraging start.

There is one major problem with Netflix's release model, though: they're terrible at marketing their movies, for though you probably caught wind of high-profile releases like Beasts of No Nation and Okja on release, the majority of their Originals are unceremoniously dumped with only the most minimal marketing.

The world is Netflix's oyster right now so they don't really have an excuse not to promote their films better, especially their smaller indies that could certainly use the rub.

But until then, here are their best original movies that have probably passed you by, and with each of them being available from the comfort of your bed, you've got absolutely no excuse not to give them a try...

15. I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore Elijah Wood Monica Lynskey

The Plot: After a woman (Monica Lynskey) returns home to find her house robbed, she teams up with an eccentric neighbour (Elijah Wood) to locate the culprits, quickly getting in over her head.

Winner of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival's Grand Jury Prize for American dramatic features, this is easily Netflix's most feted acquisition to date, though because it's lacking in A-list names and arrived with virtually no fanfare, it probably didn't end up on your radar.

From writer-director Macon Blair (best known for his appearances in Blue Ruin and Green Room), this is a deliciously twisted dark indie comedy that's a must-watch for fans of Lynskey and Wood, both of who are great here.

It might be a little too tonally off-kilter for some tastes, but if you're after some dark laughs like nothing else available on the streaming platform, this dares to be seen.

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