15 Best-Reviewed Movies From Sundance 2018

Nicolas Cage in a chainsaw fight. Get ready.

Nicolas Cage Mandy
XYZ Films

The Sundance Film Festival has come and gone for another year, and while the general consensus is that it's a somewhat weaker year compared to recent fests - with neither Netflix nor Amazon buying any films from the lineup - it still served up a smorgasbord of alluring projects for film buffs to obsess over until they're finally released.

Though Sundance 2018 didn't seem to have a Call Me by Your Name or Get Out-level smash hit, it did boast intriguing directorial debuts from acclaimed actors and total unknowns alike, the secret premiere of a much buzzed-about new drama, a number of Oscar-worthy performances, and Nicolas Cage in a freaking chainsaw fight.

Of course, success at Sundance is never any definite indication of box office success or getting anything beyond a quiet VOD release, but at least the majority of the festival's most critically-praised films should find their way into your eyeballs in 2018...


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