15 Best Sex Scenes Of 2015

Filth of the highest order.

When aliens and historians from the future look back at 2015's slate of films to learn more about our civilization, they will take away certainly incontrovertible truths: we loved superheroes; we showered movies unjustly with billions of dollars and anything fast moving and vaguely dangerous was a sure-fire hit maker. They'll also probably note this as a watershed moment for sex on screen: when the rise of Netflix allowed for more liberty in raunchiness and when the Hollywood started experimenting more like a drunken frat house. Polysexuality, pansexuality, homosexuality, puppetsexuality, teddybearsexuality.... All were discussed frankly and normally, as we all began to realise that love really is love. No matter what you're putting it in. So which were the best and most memorable sex and love scenes of the year's TV and film releases?

Honourable Mention

Shia Labeouf's Self-Appreciation
He might not have had his penis out, but there can be no uncertainty that the Transformers star and self-proclaimed artiste indulged in a bout of furious, self-congratulatory masturbation. And you all watched it. Perverts.
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