15 Blunders That Ruined J.J Abrams' Star Trek And Destroyed The Franchise

14. Emo Nero, Let It Go!

Nero ranted to Pike in Star Trek that the Federation didn't help Romulus when they knew of its impending doom. But we already know from the Countdown comic that Spock helped to make the Red Matter, Geordi LaForge constructed the Jellyfish starship that Spock used to deliver the Red Matter and the Enterprise took Nero to Vulcan when his own ship was under attack. As far as I know, the Enterprise, LaForge and Spock are all members of the Federation, therefore the Federation did try to help. They did a lot more than his own government did, shouldn't he be more angry with them? The Federation can only do so much but they went out of their way to help while the Romulan Senate pretended nothing was wrong. So instead of hatin' on everybody, Nero should take a deep breath and realise who really let him down, he had 25 years to work all of this out so there is no excuse. And why is he torturing Pike to get the subspace frequencies for Starfleet's border protection grids? Considering he's from the future and those codes are 150 years old, he should have them in his ship's computer, we've seen this a number of times in Star Trek. Also, Nero states he wants to destroy every planet in the Federation, that's over 1000 planets so he better get a move on. Another thing is that Nero waited 25 years for Spock to appear so that he could teach him a lesson by making him watch Vulcan be destroyed. I've been annoyed in the past and can understand that somethings do take a long time to get over, especially losing your wife and child to a nonsensical supernova explosion. But why did Nero not use this time to warn the Romulans in the past that the Hobus star goes nova and destroys Romulus? If you are going to refer me to the deleted scene where Nero is captured by the Klingons and taken to the prison planet Rura Penthe as an explanation for how he spent the 25 year wait, then that raises even more questions. In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, we learned that Rura Penthe is surrounded by a shield that prevents beaming, so how did Nero get off the planet? Was Nero's ship in orbit all that time? Did the Klingons not want to tear it apart and examine the advanced technology from the future? And why did they wait 25 years to start interrogating Nero? So many questions and so many no answers!

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