15 Most Controversial Movies Of 2014

2014's movies that caught everyone's attention, for good and for bad...

Nothing grabs people's attention quite like a little controversy, and that's certainly true in the world of cinema. Deviate from the norm and people start paying attention for better or for worse, no doubt earning some free PR for your movie and putting it on people's radars. Like any other year, 2014 has been full of controversial movies that turned people's heads and for one reason or another got them talking. So, what was controversial this past 12 months? Well, one of the most unnecessary movie remakes of all time, a number of long-awaited biopics that apparently minced with reality, watered-down sequels and reboots of classic properties for teenage audiences, actors and directors even disowning their own movies, and a number of projects that made everyone look inward and ask some crucial questions about themselves. That's without even mentioning the comedy that sparked an international incident and stole most of the movie world's headlines last month. Whether or not these 15 films actually ended up being any good, each raised passionate debate with strong arguments on both sides, with the controversy in come cases actually overshadowing the film itself and essentially becoming its own entity. Such is the nature of the world in 2014, again, for both better and worse. Here are the most controversial movies of 2014...

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