15 Highest-Grossing R-Rated Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

From Saving Private Ryan to The Sixth Sense...


An R-rating tends to be seen as killing off potential box office revenue and this is true to some extent. Looking at the highest grossing films of all time, there isn't a single R-rated film in the billion dollar club and there aren't very many among the all-time biggest box-office hits. Only 13 R-rated films have grossed over $500 million worldwide. This is, to be honest, unfortunate since many films which should've been rated R are instead given PG-13 ratings to increase box office chances.

Still, there are some R-rated films which manage to defy the odds and set the box office on fire. The most successful of these are a wildly varied bunch; they include big Awards Season movies, high-profile sequels, sleeper hits and also some of those rare films where studios took the risk with an R-rating and it paid off.

If nothing else, these movies prove that the R-rating is not the kiss of death at the box-office and that studios should be doing more R-rated flicks. But which ones deserved to beat the odds and become global box office smashes the most? Time to find out.

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