15 Horror Movies You Can't Miss In 2017

Gear up for cannibals, creatures and clowns...

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The general consensus is that 2016 was a bit of a dud. Be it in music, film and, of course, in world events, people felt just a tad disappointed about how the last twelve months played out. Let's face it, in a year that started with Bowie rocketing off to the other side, the signs were never looking good.

However, doom and gloom was something to celebrate in one corner - 2016 was a really good year for horror fans. If it were a bucket of blood, you could bottle it and in fifty years time call it a vintage. We had scary directorial debuts (Lights Out, Don't Breathe), strong sequels (Ouija: Origin Of Evil, Blair Witch, The Conjuring 2) and some world cinema nasties (Train To Busan, Under The Shadow). Sod it, even The Boy wasn't that bad.

Moving on to a new grisly chapter, 2017 marks a time where horror is really starting to get interesting; in this list there's some gross but by gawd exciting calling card entries, franchises starting to really hit their stride and some long-awaited reboots. Let's also not forget those prequels that we all love, too.

All of these movies are being celebrated in what promises to be another bloody banner year for the genre.

Dim the lights, put some parfin in the oil lamp and get start marking these forthcoming flicks in your calander.


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