15 Kick-Ass Movies Starring WWE Stars Coming In 2018

John Cena: c*ck blocker.

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They might have punishing road schedules - well most of them anyway - but WWE stars do still manage to do work outside of their obligations to Vince McMahon. Occasionally, active stars are even afforded the luxury of trying to follow in the footsteps of The Rock and making it big in Hollywood (and not just in WWE Studios movies).

This year, there's a host of movies coming to cinemas starring faces from the current roster as well as those who turn up sporadically whenever the ratings needs it (and a couple who are almost perpetually linked with returns). So even if the product isn't living up to expectations, there's plenty of options in the cineplex this year to give fans something else to get excited about.

Wrestling fans also really need to look out for British film Walk Like A Panther, which follows a group of ex-wrestlers forced to get in the ring once more when their beloved local pub is threatened with closure. It doesn't have any WWE faces in, but it looks great.

Now, on to the films that will feature your favourite WWE names this year...

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