15 Mind-Blowing Disney Movie Facts

Guess who really killed Bambi's mother...

Judge Doom Bambi

After decades at the top of the Hollywood business, you'd think that there was nothing left to be uncovered about Disney films. Every new release - whether under the Disney banner or the other mega-brands they now own - is picked apart in love and appreciation (or even cynicism, occasionally) and secrets are hungrily sought as a currency of fandom.

On top of that, the industry has never been more transparent about the way the biggest releases are made: to the point where the production is part of the story. That's why we obsess about director drama, creative choices that didn't come off and who is getting credited as what on where. We can't get enough of that wonderful, revelatory information, in other words.

Inevitably, Disney has attached more attention than most other cinematic brands in those terms: there's a magic to the studio's film-making that almost encourages fans to pick at it even more, and the quest to rake up details and factoids has uncovered some truly mind-blowing facts.

And of course, some of those Disney revelations are more eye-opening than others...

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