15 Most Awkward Moments In Film History

Awkward moments don’t happen that often in films, usually because it means you have to have a few minutes of…

Rebecca Ryan


Awkward Moments In Film - Skyfall

Awkward moments don’t happen that often in films, usually because it means you have to have a few minutes of silence where the only thing the viewer can comment on is the atmosphere. In other words, they’re pretty difficult to pull off.

Some awkward moments are unintentional; the acting can be really bad, the dialogue doesn’t work and you sit there wishing the scene would finish. Here are some awkward moments from films – most of which are intentional and do fantastic jobs at freaking us out or making us squirm. There are some on this list however, that are accidents and have just backfired.

This list has some classic scenes included and also a few which are crucial to the plot of each film so be warned, spoilers ahead.


15. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2 – The Sex Scenes

twilight breaking dawn part 2

┬áThe awkward moment when… you realise the two most passionless people in the world are about to do a sex scene.

Everyone over the age of 15 knows that most of the acting in the Twilight films were pretty awful. The love triangle looks so forced in the later films that you can practically see them all checking their watches, waiting until their contract is up so they can abandon the franchise forever. The lack of convincing passion in these films wasn’t the weirdest thing though; the fact that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson actually date in real life but still look miserable is pretty weird.

Everyone knew there was going to have to be a sex scene in Part 1, the main advertising feature for the film was indeed this scene. Kristen was reported to have said that, when filming that scene, it didn’t feel like they were doing a sex scene at all because there was no passion.

While this is sort of insulting her boyfriend, she has a point. Both scenes are cringe worthy because you can tell they want it over and done with. Also, the fact there’s a sex scene in a 12A film is quite awkward in itself, since the franchise is a massive advertising campaign for abstinence…though those scenes would put anyone off for a long time…blech!