15 Most Important Film Sequels Coming In 2017

13. Kingsman: The Golden Circle

20th Century Fox

Kingsman: The Secret Service was another truly entertaining comic book adventure by the man who seems to be able to churn out these kind of movies effortlessly, Matthew Vaughn. Kingsman also made the pompous, soft-touch Colin Firth into a bespectacled action star with the church massacre being a high point of the year. Colin Firth involved in an action-packed church massacre. Now, that's a strange sentence.

Next up is Kingsman: The Golden Circle which puts our heroes Eggsy and Merlin in the United States, working alongside The Statesmen. Essentially the American version of the Kingsman, Eggsy will join forces with none other than Channing 'people like him now' Tatum to take down another criminal mastermind that's hopefully less annoying than Samuel L Jackson's Valentine from the first film.

What's most intriguing with this particular sequel is how they are going to apparently bring back Colin Firth. Coming up with a cure to 'bullet to the head' is no easy task. If Golden Circle is even half as fun and enjoyable as Secret Service then we're in for a treat.

UK Release Date: 29 September

USA Release Date: 6 October


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