15 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed In 2017

14. Mark Duplass - Creep 2

Mark Duplass Creep 2
The Orchard

Mark Duplass' 2014 found footage horror Creep was one of the low-key best chillers of the year and it deserved an awful lot more attention than it got. Thankfully, it did enough to warrant a sequel, with Duplass returning to play the titular serial killer with a penchant for using Craigslist to hire videographer victims.

In the sequel, which again wasn't seen nearly enough, Duplass asks a new victim to document an interview with him revealing his crimes and his true nature, and as a stark part of it, he insists on her filming him naked so they have no boundaries. And in this day and age, full frontal male nudity is still a strange sight in the mainstream (not that it should be, of course).

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