15 Nude Scenes You Might Have Missed In 2018

Toe sex, spy sex and murder nudity...

Sally4ever Toe In Butt

Sex still sells in cinema, even if we're now a million miles away from the era of Carry On films and raunchy silliness like Confessions Of A Window Cleaner that sort to be a bit blue and a bit funny at the same time. Now, sexuality tends to be expressed as a close ally of identity or as an easy way to show passion between characters.

Yes, it's still used as a weapon, but there's definitely been a s**t in the way sex and nudity is now shown in movies and on major TV shows. But what of those scenes that are intended to be powerful or provocative but are barely seen? Whether it's because of poor critical reception or limited releases or just that the nudity is so blink-and-you'll-miss-it that you genuinely miss it, some still get overlooked or unnoticed. And it's time to change that for 2018's releases.

These are the nude scenes you may have missed in the past year...

15. Amy Adams - Sharp Objects

Amy Adams Scars Sharp Objects

HBO's Sharp Objects was easily one of the best shows of the entire year with Amy Adams on particularly fine form as Camille Preaker, a journalist battling with alcoholism and issues with self-mutilation.

As part of her preparation for the role, Adams was forced to don lots of make-up to reflect the scars on Camille's body - a process that apparently took four hours, so naturally, those scars are shown off. The central sexual dynamic between Camille and Chris Messina's Richard Willis practically drips with energy, but it's the contradiction in that and the horrifying scars on Camille's body that really sets the show's strange, dark tone.

The whole show deserves to have been seen WAY more.

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